Kadin Hernandez - What A Ride


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Kadin HernandezWHAT A RIDE – Track List
1- Party Boots
2- Hat Trick
3- Lonesome Lullaby
4- Superman
5- House of Broken Hearts
6- Gypsy Girl
7- Life’s Rodeo Trails
8- What a Ride
9- Full Throttle
10- Down in Cheyenne
11- Cowboy Up

The official “What A Ride” Music Video


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“They said country was the way to go but where has country gone wherever she is I hope she’ll be coming back but I’ll hum right on and I don’t care if it is wrong living my life like a lonesome lullaby”
Just like a lonesome lullaby – original song ©2015 Kadin Hernandez

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